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The title of this blog was inspired by conversations that I've had with people from Memphis and even people from other parts of the world that would describe the sounds of southern punk and hardcore. When ever I listen to a band like Copout, or His Hero Is Gone, that conversation comes up.

This blog is dedicated to all bands from Little Rock and Memphis (although all other bands from the south maybe discussed). In my humble opinion Little Rock and Memphis hardcore/punk bands have rarely been talked about or seen. If you are in one of the bands and have stories or pictures to add let me know. A lot of the music that is posted is out of print, but if you ever find it buy it. I do not make any money off of this, this is to turn people on to stuff that has never really gotten much recognition. If you are in one of the bands and have a problem with your stuff being up here let me know and I will remove it

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sobering Consequences--1st 7inch

I want to start this post off by thanking Uncle Roy for sending me the first 7 inch. Sobering Consequences will be playing the second Antenna Reunion show. So you should all go check that out. A bit of information about this first 7 inch that Roy has shared with me: 500 copies were pressed, 479 with the blue cover and 21 with the gold/yellow cover.  This was done to sell the 21 copies for the band to get the money to print the 500 covers. Also another note about the first 7 inch. The actual release of the 7 inch when it was mastered was accidentally sped up. When Roy had noticed the error no one else seemed to have cared too much about the mistake and it was left alone. The version you are about to hear is at the correct speed, and it is slightly lower in pitch but still awesome.  

This 7 inch was recorded at a studio called "The Attic" which was on Madison Ave in Memphis a couple blocks from the Antenna in Dec 1987.

Vocals - Uncle Roy
Bass - Brad Long
Guitar - Chris Backey
Guitar - Aaron Broughton
Drums - Danny Timko

Song order:
1. Judgement Day
2. Lost In Time
3. The Song
4. Lai Lai

Band formed January 1986, played 1st show Mar 23 1986 at VFW Hall in Memphis with Distemper (their 1st show as well), Backlash, Isolation, 

Brad Long would later go on to play Bass in Trusty. Enjoy!

 Sobering Consequences--1st 7inch

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I had a cassette of this way back in the day and only had the actual 7" because I wanted to own it. When I wanted to listen to it, I'd have to break out the cassette since it was at the right speed. Over time, like all cassettes, it died a slow death and I have not heard this in years and years, Thanks! Do you have the SC demo by chance?